Ordering Info

Custom Frame PAKS ordering info

*Please visit me over at for ordering info*

Ideally I'd like you to trace the inner frame to a cardboard/poster board template. That tracing can be transfered to a paper pattern to facilitate shipping. The cardboard is really easy to hold in place while tracing and allows you to apply pressure to your tracing.

PLEASE: Outline cable stops, existing accessory straps, and water bottle mounts.

REMEMBER: The higher quality the template, the higher quality the bag can be.

I work from home in the Highlands area outside of Denver CO.
I am available via email @ or if you'd like to come by with your bike and get a hand with the tracing, I'd be more than happy to help and if you'd just like to come by and talk bikes over a beer, I'm alright with that as well. Afterall this is custom work.

I can accept paypal payments to or personal check. Email me for mailing info.
*Once an order has been placed and work has begun on a custom J.Pak, no refunds will be given. A custom Pak is made to order and is specific to that individuals bike.*

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!