Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Red's photo shoot

Big Red is my do-anything, ultimate drop-bar, 29er, singlespeed commuter bike.
With a quick swap of tires and the disk brakes, she's ready for any season and all conditions.
This is the bike I grab for a corner store run as well as putting 50+ mile routes down.

I love this bike and wanted to showcase the commuting side of J.PAKS

Frame Paks, SnakPaks and RukSaks can all work together to create the ultimate commuting setup.
No more sweaty back, No more uncomfortable rides to work or the park on the weekends. Hitting up the local farmers market or grocery store has never been more fun.
With vertically divided storage pouches on each side of the Frame Pak, carrying small items is never a problem.
Enjoy and thanks for checking in!

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